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I decided 9 months ago to loose 10kg become a lot stronger, fitter and hopefully protect my lower back from constant injuries. Over that period I’ve trained with Roza and I must say she has been instrumental in assisting me to achieve all off those goals.

2+ years on:

What can I say the 2009 Bridge Run was truly an amazing experience, fantastic atmosphere, perfect morning for a run. Thanks so much to Roza for her encouragement along the way and all her help in getting me there. I will try to break 60 minutes next year but 65 minutes was great. When I started training with Roza three years ago, I would have said you've got to be joking there's no way I can run 1km let alone 9 km!

Mark, Bondi Beach

I began training with Roza because my sister was getting married and my family need a kick start into a exercise and diet regime.

I hate the gym and find I get much better results with personal attention.

My family and I train outdoors or indoors when the weather is bad. Along with training in a larger family group, I also train with my sister and cousin in a smaller group once a week. Together we have been working towards better fitness and weight loss. Personally, I love skiing but have always struggled with my fitness when on the slopes. This year Roza tailored sessions so I was better equipped for the slopes. I found the hard work really paid off when I hit the ski fields this year. My recovery time, stamina, energy and general fitness was greatly improved.

Roza has reminded me that exercise can be part of an enjoyable lifestyle; we box, run, kayak, plank, talk about food, cooking and healthy living. She is motivating and has shown me results, since I began training with her I have lost a total 22cm from around my body and greatly improved my fitness level. I enjoy our sessions and love training with her.

Lauren, Bondi Junction

Training with Roza is an arduous pleasure. She is demanding yet patient, encouraging yet exacting. Her thorough assessment of my potential ability became the benchmark of my striving, not my actual ability – on which I had always fallen back. The results? Astonishing. I’m a 60-year-old who dares to play tag in the park, sprint 100 metres, throw and catch a ball, and more. Best of all, I love it. I love how I feel, I love the exhilaration denied me in my girlhood when only natural athletes got any attention in sports class and the rest of us skipped it altogether.

Jo, Darling Point


Roza came to my life two years ago as my next door neighbour. Then she became a friend and my personal trainer. I train with her twice a week where she really knows how to push me to my limits. It starts off as torture and ends with total bliss. This one hour with her is the best hour of my week. I am very lucky to have found her.

1+ year on:

I have just completed the City to Surf. Never in a million years did I ever consider entering and not only is this my second C2S, but I beat last years’ time. I am 63 years old and feel better than I did 20 years ago thanks to Roza and her fantastic energy!

Ayse, Bondi Junction

Having fun whilst achieving great results is how I would describe my training with Roza over the past 2 years. Roza is enthusiastic, organised and flexible, qualities which are important to me as a busy mother of 4. I love training outdoors and the sessions are always varied depending on my needs. Not only has Roza inspired me in fitness but she has also become a good friend.

Annette, Bellevue Hill

I have been training with Roza for almost two years now and have been very impressed with her punctuality, energy, professionalism and ability to design and implement specific training programs. The results have been fantastic, and this has been reflected in my work and in my personal life. As a rule I hate going to the gym but I look forward to my morning training sessions.

Andrew, Rushcutters Bay

I have trained with Roza now for almost 12 months after making the decision to start personal training as I found going to the gym quite boring. Now I find it hard to keep up with what we'll be doing next, boxing, that jumping thing, beach runs - the variety is really refreshing. All that combined with a super positive and energetic approach make getting up at 6am all worthwhile.

Tom, Bondi Beach

I have always had a battle with weight loss and found gym boring and repetitious and a necessary chore. Over the past three and a half years, Roza has made the training much more interesting and varied thus making me more motivated. Roza also tailors the exercises to my problem areas and I find I am getting great results.

Lara, Elizabeth Bay